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To fly is to set yourself free of fear and judgement, to soar above expectations and limitations, to break boundaries and unlock the doors to your opportunity, to chase your wildest dreams and overcome hurdles, to achieve and succeed despite circumstance. FLY.



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Our Story

Fly Dance Studio is a dance studio created out of pure passion and love for dance.

The prime purpose of our studio is to provide a space where anyone can come to train and learn in a positive and encouraging environment, to spend time with like-minded individuals, to feel free and comfortable to express themselves and to share their love for dance.

Our aim is to provide dance classes for people of all ages and levels who have a desire to learn. It is our priority to maintain a calibre of top quality training and teaching, bringing you the best teachers and classes that Ireland has to offer.

First Love Yourself and the rest will follow...
— Kerrie Milne
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